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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ve heard about hypnotherapy before...you’re not going to make me cluck like a chicken, are you?

Nope!...Unless you really want to. Just kidding! Therapeutic hypnosis is very different from stage hypnosis. Some experience a deep trance-like feeling, others describe it as more of a deeply relaxed state where their mind becomes less distracted by the daily running thoughts, and they can focus on getting to the root of the issue because there’s less mental chatter. You are always in complete control of your mind and body throughout the session and can come back to normal consciousness at any time. I also do not offer suggestions based on my opinion. We discuss your goals and your ideal results so that I can offer suggestions that have already been created by you!

How many sessions does it take? Do you offer long term plans?

Typically each issue takes anywhere from 1-6 sessions. This also depends on your dedication to change. The more dedicated you are, the more powerful each session is! My approach to healing sessions is to help you clear the problem and create your new life in as few sessions as possible. From there, I am available to you in the future as new challenges crop up.

How is this different from traditional talk therapy?

I always advocate for talk therapy! However, this work is deeper and often much more targeted. Talk therapy relies on you talking about what you consciously are aware of, and often requires a great deal of awareness and effort to change habits. If you have reached a certain point in your journey with talk therapy, you may notice it feels a bit repetitive, or like the problem isn’t going away, you’re just more conscious of it. Through combined discussion, intuitive guidance, energy work, and subconscious work, we can access the deeper levels of consciousness and awareness that are responsible for true and lasting healing. If you’ve hit a wall in traditional therapies, it may be that you’re ready for a new level, which means you’ve come further than you may think! Go you!

Is this work going to be hard?

I make it a point not to torture my clients. Yes, inner work can be very intense at times, but the benefit of working with a healer like myself is that I will guide you through the healing journey. I may nudge and encourage you to go just a little further when you're at the edge of an incredible breakthrough, but I will always honor your thresholds. I’ve found that a gentle, compassionate (usually fun!) approach to healing is often far more effective than a hardcore “No pain, no gain!” mantra

Are you a psychic?

Nope! Just very talented at picking up on the little details most people don’t recognize in themselves. We all have natural intuitions, mine are best suited for this kind of work rather than predicting your future.

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