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Feeling...disconnected? Stuck? Triggered? Just...OFF?

Check in with your Inner Child, 


Your Self-Love is about to get a major boost!

Have you been told that you "need to do some inner child work"?

Or maybe you're already doing it, but something just doesn't feel like it's clicking?

This Immersive Meditation will guide you through and help you click in to a space where you and your inner
 child can healing done together.

Get your free immersive meditation now!

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This Inner Child Immersive Meditation is a fan favorite from The Catalyst Membership! 

This is so much more than a fluff n' buff YouTube meditation, this is the exact channeled process I use for myself as well as my Intuitive Healing clients to help them get reconnected back to their Inner Child, heal decades-old wounds, and receive guidance from their playful younger self. 

You can use this Meditation as often as you like to access guidance from your Inner Child to get the clarity and connection you need to step back into the flow and get unstuck!

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