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You don't fit into a box...Your healing journey shouldn't make you try. 

-Does it seem like you're feeling triggered by things that never used to bug you?

-Feeling kind of like glass that would shatter if just one...more...thing happens?

-Are your relationships (romantic and otherwise) an endless effing stress circus and you can't seem to find the exit?

-Are you ready for self-care that goes beyond affirmations and actually helps you feel like YOU again?


    The Catalyst

    Healing, coaching, and self-care

    ...no appointment required!

    I love this membership! It's like the Calm app but I get to have a live coach to help me when I get stuck!

    - MB

  • Live Intuitive Coaching Calls- Let's face it, sometimes we just need someone on the outside with an intuitive eye to catch that pesky little block that's holding us back

  • Immersive Meditation Audios- Created by an Intuitive Hypnotherapist with healing frequencies to help you break through, heal the root of the problem, and reprogram your unconscious mind for the life you deserve to be living

  • Quick Reset Meditations- Stressed? Getting close to the edge?- Short, hypnosis-based meditations to get you back to center when you need it most!  

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Introducing The Catalyst Membership

  • Are you frustrated with this too?

    I hate it when coaches and healers preach to the masses that you can't change your life without a shift in your mindset...and then set up all sorts of complex and expensive roadblocks and time commitments in order to work with them!?!?

    Just putting it out there...

    Healing is an ongoing and consistent process, and while my clients have experienced mind-blowing results in their confidence, relationship, and overall joy in 1-1 sessions, ongoing support and daily healing is what really creates lasting transformation and the kind of life that makes you feel...well...alive!

    ...So where do you get that sort of thing without spending 5-figures for regular attention or locking into a time-intensive program that requires you to put life on hold? Besides...What if you don't even need all that? What if you're just needing someone to check in with and a community to remind you you're not the only one?

    Watch the video below and see for yourself!

    Take a sneak peak inside our live calls!

    The Catalyst Membership is a place for people just like you who need a place to start and support in every season of life

  • Live group coaching and tailored intuitive teachings at one affordable monthly rate

  • A full Healing Hypnosis Audio library available to guide you through your self-care work and help you access (and heal) unconscious blocks, so you can start living the life you want!

  • Quick Reset tools and techniques to help you regulate your emotions and nervous system on short notice - No more angry office blowouts over someone stealing your stapler! 

  • This Membership is a passion project. I created it to give you full access to my best and most effective healing protocols that I use in my own practice every day. I wanted to make this powerful healing work accessible to everyone who wants to change their lives, no matter what their budget looks like. 

    So If you're ready to free your mind from the past and step into the life you deserve, let's get started!

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    "Today was a very different day. I didn't do soft drinks and I didn't feel alone. I found myself being much more positive- where just yesterday I was bemoaning how much I hated my job!"

I've done just about every other meditation app on the market and the meditations in The Catalyst are the BEST! It must be the hypnotherapy Chelsey blends into them but I really do feel different and better after I listen to each one!

- Ashley

Think this is great? It’s only gonna get better! 

As a founding member you'll get:

  • Biweekly Intuitive Coaching calls Get real-time intuitive coaching to help you get unstuck! 

    • All Access- No levels or tiers to prevent you from going all in on your transformation

    • A full library of targeted Immersive Meditations to help you Reconnect to your unconscious mind and Heal self-sabotaging patterns right at the root of the issue 

    • Journal prompts that will guide you through processing your inner work and solidify your healing experiences

    • No Contracts Life is all about seasons, Cancel any time with no guilt trip and come back whenever you like

    • Access to upcoming live events and all new expansions