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Are you ready to Awaken, Heal and Expand?

Does it seem like you're feeling triggered by things that never used to bug you?

Feeling kind of like glass that would shatter if just one...more...thing happens?

Are your relationships (romantic and otherwise) an endless effing stress circus and you can't seem to find the exit?

Are you ready for self-care that goes beyond affirmations and actually helps you feel like YOU again?


I get it! Like you, I had tried it all

  • Bedtime story apps that helped me sleep, but didn't really help with the anxiety that was keeping me awake in the first place

  • Guided meditations for everything! Peace, anxiety, abundance, unblocking the chakras, attracting a soulmate, etc...but none of them gave me any more than temporary relief...

    (And why are they always narrated by deadpan British dudes?)

  • I tried going hardcore and just meditating in silence...it works, but after months of practice, it still took me 20 minutes just to get my mind to settle down...then my timer would go off! 

  • Every source I went to said I need to just "Create a daily practice" ...but everything I tried was too fluffy, or too rigid and I'd lose interest

    I had to become a Hypnotherapist to realize...

    It's not your fault!

  • Guided Meditations are great, so are affirmations, but if you're not getting to the unconscious root of the problem, your practice will always be a band-aid  

  • It's tough  to see what that unconscious root is on your own, and let's face it, having a therapist on call is expensive

  • And If you're feeling like you're so disconnected and uncomfortable in life that something needs to actually change. It's gonna take guidance from someone who for years has specialized in helping people access their unconscious minds and heal...not just lovely mental scenery


Introducing The Catalyst Membership

A Self-care tool that goes beyond the fluff   

The truth is, Inner peace and confidence is more about subtracting rather than adding, hear me out. Imagine...

  • Walking into a room

    Minus that overpowering anxious voice telling you "You just completely embarrassed yourself! There's no way they're not thinking you're a complete idiot, the person who invited me probably hates me now! Oh great, now I'm acting awkward- What am I doing!?!"

  • Having a serious and grounded conversation with your partner

    Without getting triggered into an emotional spin that ends in a fight...and definitely without the guilt that follows when it calms down.

  • Going for and getting the dream job

    and not sabotaging it, because you know you're worthy of this!

  • Wanna know the Catalyst Membership's secret sauce? Helping you access your own Unconscious Mind!

    The guided recordings in this membership go beyond the temporary feelgoods and help you dive deep into your own Unconscious Mind allowing you to 

  • Reconnect to your deepest intuition and get clarity when all the outside chatter is keeping you from feeling connected and present

  • Heal those little emotional rubber bands that keep snapping you back to the past so you can walk through your life with confidence

  • Get grounded and stay centered- no more melt downs over someone stealing your stapler

  • And here's the secret that NO Hypnotherapist will tell you!

    Most Hypnotherapists hoard their best protocols. If they do offer recorded sessions, they're usually the Diet Coke version of what they offer their 1-1 clients.

    No offense, but what's the point of offering you a tool...If I know I'm holding back on ya?!

    This Membership is a passion project. I created it to give you full access to my best and most effective healing protocols that I use in my own practice every day. I wanted to make this powerful healing work accessible to everyone who wants to change their lives, no matter what their budget looks like. 

    So If you're ready to free your mind from the past and step into the life you deserve, let's get started!



Get in at the rate of $15.99 per month if you sign up NOW!

(Use coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout to enjoy the special price)

Think this is great? It’s only gonna get better! 

As part of the founding soul family you will:

  • All Access- No levels or tiers to prevent you from going all in on your transformation

  • A full library of targeted hypnosis audio recordings to help you Reconnect to your unconscious mind and Heal self-sabotaging patterns right at the root of the issue 

  • Journal prompts that will guide you through processing your inner work and solidify your healing experiences

  • Access to workshops by industry experts to help you master the real-world skills you need to take all your inner work and turn it into tangible, life-changing results!

  • No Contracts Life is all about seasons, Cancel any time with no guilt trip and come back whenever you like

  • Access to upcoming live events and all new expansions